Power Product Manufacture earned our ISO 9001 certification and have continued to maintain our status as an ISO 9001 Certified Company for 25 years.

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For Emergency Lighting, Computer Room, Production Facility, Testing Lab, Telecommunications, Industrial, and Commercial Buildings.

Service all of your power equipments by certified technician.

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Standard Products (Made in USA)

  • Compact Central Lighting Inverters

    Wall Mount and Pad Mount Emergency Lighting Inverter, UL1778 and UL924

  • Central Lighting Inverter

    UL1778 and UL924, 90 min. Backup, 90% Efficiency

  • High Frequency UPS

    UL1778, UL924A, High Frequency PWM Double Conversion

  • Outdoor Battery Backup

    Harsh Environment Indoor and Outdoor Applications

  • Shaker Table Tested Inverter

    OSHPD Certified UL924 and UL1778 Inverter

  • Medical Power


  • Fire Alarm Backup

    UL1481, Power Supply for Fire Protective Signaling System

  • Power Conditioner

    UL Listed, Solid State Economical Plug and Play Design

  • Voltage Regulator

    UL Listed, Multi-shilded, Copper Wound, Tight Output Voltage Regulation

  • Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

    3 Phase Voltage Regulation, Monitoring, and Built-in Distribution up to six 42-pole Panelboards

  • Isolation Transformer

    Copper or Aluminum, Dual-shielded Computer Grade, High Isolation Transformer

  • Traffic Signal Backup

    Battery Backup System for Traffic Signal and Telecommunication Equipments

  • Custom Products

    Online uses Demand Flow Technology ensures efficient production cycle optimizing turnaround from component ordering to the shipment of the final product to our customer's dock.

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New Products
Nov 25 / 2015

Single Phase 7 KW and 8 KW Emergency Lighting Inverter added on our Power Wave Series

Moved to New Building
Nov 25 / 2014

Los Angeles, CA

Shaker Table Tested Inverters
Nov 25 / 2016

OSHPD Certified Single and Three Phase Emergency Lighting Inverter