OnLine Power is a privately owned company located in
Los Angeles, CA. Since our beginnings in 1975,
Online Power has become
the largest manufacturer of medical power products and tap switching regulators in the world.

ISO 9001 Certified
since 1995


High Frequency UPS

UL1778, UL924A, High Frequency PWM Double Conversion use Digital Signal Processing for control, measurement to protect the load.
bullet Protector 1, Single Phase (3 to 20 kVA)
bullet Protector 3, Three Phase (10 to 62.5 kVA)
bullet Host Power, Three Phase (10 to 500 kVA)

Outdoor Battery Backup System

Harsh Environment indoor and outdoor applications
bullet HEUPS, Harsh Environment UPS (2.1 kW to 17 kW)
bullet TBS1 (750 and 1500 Watts)
bullet TBS2 (500 and 1600 Watts)

Traffic Signal

Traffic Signal Saver / Telecommunication Backup System
bullet Signal Saver BBS (1000 and 2000 VA)
bullet BBS with Metering and Distribution (400 to 1300 Watts)

Med-Power (New Products)

bullet Battery Backup System (10 to 200 kVA)
bullet Precision Regulator (10 to 200 kVA)
bullet Super Flux (10 to 200 kVA)
bullet Phase Stabilizer, Medical Power Conditioner (15 to 2000 kVA) - UL Listed, Milti-shielded, Copper-wound, Voltage Regulation +/-1.5%, Phase Imbalance: 2% max.

Fire Alarm Backup System

UL1481, Power Supply for Fire Protective Signaling System
bullet FAB, Fire Alarm Backup System(3 to 15 kW)

Power Conditioner

UL Listed, Solid State economical plug and play design
bullet Constant Power, Single Phase (1 to 15 kVA)
bullet Constant Power 18, Three Phase (15 to 100 kVA)

Voltage Regulator

UL Listed, Milti-shielded, Copper-wound, tight output voltage regulation with exceptional reliability.
bullet Power Reg, Three Phase (15 to 2000 kVA)
bullet Ultra Reg, Three Phase (15 to 2000 kVA)

Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Three Phase Voltage Regulation, Monitoring, and built-in Distribution up to six 42-pole panelboards.
bullet Power Pac, PDU w/ Regulation (15 to 150 kVA)
bullet Power Pal, PDU w/o Regulation (15 to 450 kVA)
bullet Remote Power Distribution, Distribution Only

Isolation Transformer

Copper or Aluminum wound, Dual-shielded computer grade, High Isolation Transformer
bullet Iso-Care (15 to 500 kVA)
bullet Iso-Care Plus (15 to 500 kVA)

OEM Products

Online Power Uses Demand Flow Technology ensures efficient production cycle optimizing turnaround from component ordering to the shipment of the final product to our customer's dock.
bullet Medical Grade UPS Systems (10 to 750 kVA)
bullet Medical Grade Power Regulator (10 to 750 kVA)
bullet CT Power Protection (100(i) kVA)
bullet MRI Power Protection (100 kVA)
bullet Cath Lab Power Protection (160 kVA)
bullet Linear Accelerator Power Protection (75(i) kVA)
bullet Cathodic Corrossion Protection (0 to 500 Amps DC)
bullet VSD Drive Booster

Optional Accessories

Frequently used accessories enhance operational control system.
bullet GMS (Global Monitoring System)
(Single Phase ) ( Three Phase )
bullet Battery Advisor (Battery Monitoring System)